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The Balanced Scorecard of the Nursing Home - 1513 Words

Nursing Home Balanced Scorecard The Balanced Scorecard of the nursing home needs to take many aspects into account for the environment is fast-paced and potentially stressful and providing care involves drawing upon a complexity of technological and interpersonal skills. The following scorecard was built on nursing practices in the various nursing homes in order to discover best practices that can be used to improve patient outcomes and experiences and to serve as matrices Shareholder value/ Financial Perspective Actively seek funding to deliver new or expanded services or programs Diversify funding mix Maintain a break-even budget and ensure that there are adequate reserves The human resource productivity indicators/ metrics that we can show our stakeholders are the following: Percentage of operational and management hours Percentage of registered nurse hours Percentage of total worked hours The target of operational and management hours will be increased by 2% within the coming 2 years. Percentage of registered nurse hours will be decreased by 2% within coming 2 years and 30 nurses will be added to workforce so as to distribute working stress. Customer value perspective Practice an AACN model where the client is the focus of all practice Implement a program of evidence-based nursing where research serves as basis for all nursing practice Adherence to the HIPAA contract should be scrupulously observed The service and customer satisfaction matrices areShow MoreRelatedOmnicare Pharmacy: Pharmaceutical Care to Nursing Homes and Facilities1618 Words   |  7 PagesThe Balanced Scorecard: Omnicare Pharmacy Omnicare Pharmacy is a provider of pharmaceutical care to long-term nursing homes and facilities. The services are focused on the residents we serve and improving their quality of life, along with reducing the cost of the pharmacy bill. As a result, our vision as a pharmacy provider is to provide the right drug, right dose, and to the right patient (Omnicare 2010). In order to achieve the vision we have set for ourselves we needRead MoreMontefiore Medical Center Case Analsisy1308 Words   |  6 Pages1. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the balanced scorecard in this type of an organization. Brief summary of Montefiore Medical Center: * MMC started off in 1884 as a home for the chronically ill that other hospitals couldn’t help, dedicated in honor of Sir Moses Montefiore. * In 1963, Montefiore agreed to operate the patient care facility of the Hospital of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Both hospitals remained as distinct entities with separate administrations for theRead MoreReport: The Percentage of Residents on a Scheduled Pain Medication Regimen1022 Words   |  4 Pagesthe development and definition of a plan, through committees and panels, then finally through the approval and implementation process. Essentially, this is a set of tools that are used to both standardized and improve care. For instance, in nursing homes, the quality measures come from resident assessment data that is routinely collected. Those measures are then combined to form a quality benchmark and standards program. For instance, short stay measures include: The Percentage of Residents onRead MorePerformance Compensation Management Annotated Bibliography1213 Words   |  5 Pagesteam’s home organisation, the host country and also between each of the individual team members. In addition the study also provided areas of considerations for organisations looking to better manage the challenge of cultural differences and team based expatriates assignments. Park, E.J. Huber, D.L., 2007, ‘Balanced Scorecards for Performance Management’, The Journal of Nursing Administration, Vol. 37, No. 1, pp. 14-20. This article describes the benefits and concerns of adopting balanced scorecardsRead MoreBalanced Scorecard for Hospital Performance Productivity4575 Words   |  19 PagesThe Balanced Scorecard for Hospital Performance and Productivity ABSTRACT The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of the usefulness of the Balanced Scorecard in improving a hospitals management and delivery of health care at reduced cost without loss of quality. This paper describes an approach to designing and implementing a balanced scorecard system for measuring performance and productivity in a hospital setting. Specific measures of performance criteria are suggested as well asRead MoreCase Study on Castle Nursing Home3114 Words   |  13 PagesA REPORT ON THE POSTION OF CASTLE NURSING HOME PLC Executive Summary: This report is commissioned to examine the current position of Castle Nursing Home PLC, since it is evident that the top-line and bottom-line have been adversely affected. The report draws attention to the existing status of Castle Nursing Home. The strategy to grow and re-organize has resulted in the need to streamline its operations, so as to retain its focus, quality of services and reputation among the public. Further investigationRead MoreEmt Strategic Plan4199 Words   |  17 Pagesstrengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and trends. By realizing the previous an organization is able to focus on their strengths and strengthen their weaknesses in order to create strong and reliable consumer relations. Next came the balanced scorecard was added to further point the direction. Finally some methods have been developed to monitor and control the strategic plan; along with recommending actions to address ethical, legal and regulatory issues faced by Emergency Medical TravelerRead MoreThe Presidio Army Health Clinic’s SWOT-Analysis Essay126 9 Words   |  6 Pageshelpful to use additional analysis tools in addition to the SWOT-analysis. One such tool the U.S. Army Medical System uses is the balanced-score card. The balanced-score card can assist health care centers in the clarification of their strategic objectives and goals, and facilitates communication throughout the organization (Chan, 2006). Chan (2006) also reveals balanced-score cards allow for constructive employee feedback leading to necessary strategic plan improvements. This paper discusses a SWOT-analysisRead MoreEthics and Organization2228 Words   |  9 Pagesethic values around family and community. Family is where it starts from having stability and love can create the biggest difference in how a young teen will represent them towards other and making good decisions. A family that has both parents in the home with a healthy relationship with their child that is open and honest has a better outcome of not being in the situation of a teen mother or dad. Parents should start early with honest, age appropriate conversations about love, relationships, valuesRead MoreOperations Planning For A Group Medical Practice1494 Words   |  6 PagesPerformance measures which are utilized as tools for management have to be broadened in order to include input and measures of process. The balanced scorecard for example is one approach which would assess a company and its programs from different perspectives that include the client, process, employee and finance departments (Poister, 2003). This is a scorecard which would create a holistic model of the strategy which would allow every worker to see the way it contributes to company success. Benchmarking

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